Explore the Enneagram in the light of the Object Relations with Russ Hudson

Get recordings from a 3 day online workshop with Russ - and have access to the recordings for 12 months


These recordings will explore the Enneagram in the light of the Object Relations - the psychological patterns known as the core of ego structures in modern psychotherapy.

In recordings from a 3 day workshop, we will look at how these patterns determine many of our assumptions about ourselves and others - especially in relationships - and how awareness of these patterns can help us change from old and repetitious relationship structures to dynamic, real engagement with others in the living moment.

Find out how certain patterns are keys to unlocking the best potentials within our Enneagram type

With these recordings you will be able to identify your own Object Relation patterns and you will learn more about:

Explore your close relationships

How these essential psychological patterns creates assumptions, values and beliefs about ourselves and others and therefore influencing our behavior, emotional and cognitive ways of interacting especially in our close relationships.

Explore the construction of the Enneagram types

How the Object Relations are building blocks for our personality and therefore also creating or establishing our Enneagram type. We will explore how the early patterns are part of the psychological structure on which the Enneagram type is constructed during our childhood.

Explore the inner critic and SuperEgo

How the Inner Critic and SuperEgo messages are shaped by the Object Relations in very interconnected ways, giving you a very practical approach for working with your personal development and growth.


All the practical details

Who are the recordings for?
These recordings are for you, who wish to explore methods for transforming bad patterns into the qualities of our truest, deepest heart and for you who wish to create better relations to yourself and others.

What is the price?
The price is USD 310 + local VAT

How long can I access the recordings?
You can see the recordings anytime you like, and for as many times you like for 12 months. 


The Object Relations will give you an immediate understanding of why we react the way we do in close relations.

What are the benefits of these recordings?

After watching all the recordings, you will be able to identify your own Object Relation patterns which gives you a deeper understanding of: 

  • Your deeper assumptions and beliefs about yourself and you in relationship to others.
  • The fundamental drivers behind your Enneagram type, and how to create balance in these drivers not to overcompensate your behavior.
  • Your wishes/demands in your close relationships, which can be balanced or overcompensated.
  • How your psychological patterns from the Object Relations shape your life-passion and purpose in life, and how the be more honest, courageous and true toward your personal WHY.
  • Create a sense of deeper relationship with yourself, and integrate your Enneagram type in ways, where you become more real and authentic towards your self and thereby also towards other.


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